• Small Room Project

    In this “Sea Desert”, wheat was first seeded and bread was first baked. The Euphrates engaged its floods and mankind’s first wonders became prolific. The gates of Babylon, the ziggurat of Ur leaned on its banks …

  • Balkan Route

    Discovering the Balkan Peninsula. We form bridges of friendship and mutual understanding, we get to know each other better! Take my words and give me your hand the poet says… Cause the things that we …

  • Rally Saravalaki Moy

      People re introduce themselves, they root about old memories, they recall Community customs, laugh, shed tears, and remember. They get in contact with the nature through cultural happenings. They highlight their cultural heritage! Cultural …

  • O.M.Th.

    Olympiad of Music and Theatre About O.M.Th. A voyage to music A theatrical voyage to History An onstage diachrony of the Ancient Greek Literature From Herodotus and the Middle East to Plato From Sophocles’ Antigone …

  • Documentaries & Films

    In this area we project our documentaries which are still in progress and development. For a more detailed preview, you can visit its production page!   Who will remove the chestnuts from the fire? The …

  • Co-Existence

    What is the factor that urges youngsters to study the language of their neighbors? What do they share in common with the youngsters of the neighboring countries? Do they have common targets and dreams? Let’s …

  • Wrong – Vibrations

    Night scenes Midnight wounds Attempts of discursive lust Lust or anguish? I exist. Do I co-exist? Is there a soulmate wandering somewhere in the night? Is music a communication path or a retaining wall of …

  • Our Routes

    How can the doomed to isolation countryside revive and live on more human terms/ how can dignity be regained? How can everyday life stop being a burden on the shoulders of the people? How can …

  • Music Train of Culture

    Περιγραφή Το συγκεκριμένο Project έχει ως στόχο την γνωριμία των νέων, Ελλάδας και Σερβίας καθώς απευθύνεται σε φοιτητές, σπουδαστές και ομάδες νέων που δραστηριοποιούνται στα δύο πεδία, την Τέχνη και τον Πολιτισμό. Το project θα …

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