Our Routes

How can the doomed to isolation countryside revive and live on more human terms/ how can dignity be regained?
How can everyday life stop being a burden on the shoulders of the people?
How can life become beautiful?
Inhabitants of the villages remember their forgotten stories, their heritage, their music and their songs
The customs of the distal homelands revive. The participants, gaining the community sense, move onwards.

Το ασκληπιείον προτείνει
Οι ρίζες μου

- Αρτζάν
- Γουμένισσα
- Ειδομένη
- Ειρηνικό
- Εύζωνοι
- Ευρωπός
- Κορώνα
- Μεταμόρφωση
- Μ.Λιβάδια
- Ποντοηράκλεια
- Σκρά

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