Rally Saravalaki Moy


People re introduce themselves, they root about old memories,
they recall Community customs, laugh, shed tears, and remember.
They get in contact with the nature through cultural happenings.
They highlight their cultural heritage!
Cultural bridges between the inhabitants of rural and urban areas are set..
They set up for a common goal, by participating in a game where speed has no dominion.
They unite by partaking in a ‘Dionysian’ celebration where traditional music meets its contemporary forms.

Το Ασκληπιείον παρουσιάζει
To Rally Saravalaki Moy

Project Manager
Βασίλης Τσαρτσάνης

Βοηθοί παραγωγής
Εβελίνα Πολιτίδου
Βαλάντης Χρυσοβαλάντης
Γεωργαλίδης Γιώργος

Νίκος Βουρβαχάκης

Με την υποστήριξη
Δήμος Παιονίας
Περιφέρεια Κιλκίς

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