Shelter – Creative Lab

Has Europe the right to talk about assimilation while at the same time it bypasses the most essential parameter which is participation?
The first creative shelter of refugees in Greece and Europe situated in a neuralgic area on the Balkan route, in Idomeni
An endeavor of creative accommodation and co management
Imbedded harmoniously in the local community, refugees, artists from Europe and Greece before they request for Asylum, they cooperate with students of 28 European Universities.
To talk about the refugee issue through Arts
So that we can rewrite the story of Idomeni and the journey of thousands of contemporary Ulysses from the war zones to Europe, from the beginning
A story that only space-time will bring out its importance

  • Koblenz Photo Exhibition

  • Refugee Women Photo Exhibition

  • Who will remove the Chestnuts from the fire? – Documentary