Small Room project & the 101 windows exhibition

 Asklepeion presents

The Small Room project, with the 101 windows exhibition…

The journey of the refugees from the war zones to Europe.

The historical diachrony of the refugee passes through the “Small Rooms of shame” of the Balkan Route.

Ιn this spatial point called Idomeni, in this geographical extremity of the world, in this muddy dwelling of souls, people who wandered alone, continuously changing places, looking for salvation in a world that seems to have no place left for anybody else, arrived.
Unprotected helpless people, victims of their own fate, people thrown in the inwards of mud, torn into bits and pieces while the professional saviors after having penetrated through unguarded cracks in their inner selves, trampled each one of the broken parts of their dignity.
These people arrived here mourning for their dead, for their countries, for their lives, since only the body can travel, as the soul is eternally stuck on the beloved ones.
The only clear water they were drinking was nothing else but their tears.
Unprotected wanderers from all those who stole from the workshop of the craftsman of History the word ‘Interest’ and smuggled bodies, souls and hopes mutilating the already wounded honor of Mankind.
Smugglers, foreign and national protectors, merchants, professional saviors impaired the already smitten, bruised and weakened ‘Togetherness’.
In these inhumane conditions the Micro history of the refugees who dwelled in Idomeni was converted into a black page in the main corpus of History.


Exhibition structure

Event at the basement – the Room of the information

-Library projects, the stories of refugees we collect

-Visual, the refugee diachrony through the numbers

-The water of memory, the water of return – Photo gallery & stories narration

Event at the upper – the Room of paints & arts

-Saleh paints, Syrian refugee living in Berlin

-Kawa, Syrian refugee living in Thessaloniki

-Childrens of solidarity, Blue Dot – Draw

-Volunteers section

Installation – the journey from the war zones to Europe

-War Sounds

-Bombardment cities

-Euphrates, Acquaintance

-Turkey – Aegean – Greek islands

-The diachrony of Eidomeni

-Tent town

-The last station, Eidomeni – Gevgelija


-The story of the small room


-me&myslef, through the mirror


Small Room project


Credits board

Mastermind & Project Management
Vasilis Tsartsanis

Project Coordination - IT Development
George Georgalidis

Art Director of Exhibition Small Room - Video Editing
Alexandros Oikonomidis

Cameraman - Video Editing
Nikos Vourvachakis

Media Coordinator
Katerina Efstathiadou

Music Composition
Alexandros Karkalas

Vasilis Apostolakeas

Team of Text & Narration

Evi Koutroumpaki
Kostas Koutroumpakis
Yannis Nikolaidis

Anastasis Roilos

Project Library

Master mind –interviews
Vasilis Tsartsanis

IT Development
George Georgalidis

Software Development
Theodore Keloglou

Project Visual

Research - development
George Georgalidis

Team of Journalists
Cornelia Krebs - ORF
Adea Guillot - Le Monde
Toon Lambrechts - Freelancer Journalist & Photographer
Koukoumakas Kostas -

Team of Photographers


Patras palace
Alfredo D’ Amato

Igor Coko from Serbia – Trapped
Achim Polh

Calais: The eviction of the jungle
Krasnyi Collective & Sara Prestianni

The hostages of Melilla
Sara Prestianni @Ceuta and Melilla

Bombardment cities

War wreckage shots Iraq
Toon Lambrechts

War wreckage shots Syria
George Moutafis

War wreckage shots Palestine
Abed Naim

War wreckage shots Belgrade
Vasilis Tsartsanis

War wreckage shots Libya

Aegean & Eidomeni
Myrto Papadopoulos - Le Monde

The water of memory, the water of return

Vasilis Tsartsanis

Emad Aldein Awawdy
George Georgalidis

Saleh Al Ismail - fine Arts (University of Berlin)
Kawa Haji Majid - Greece
Zolfaqar Shaarani - Berlin

Children of solidarity’ paints
Blue Dots, BRC, Sindos & the 2nd floor of Solidarity now

Creative & Production Team
Mohamad Hassan
Evelina Politidou
Dorothee Vakalis - Naomi
Evgenia Eugenidou
Souzana Bainouzi
Nena Athanasiadou
Olga Maragkaki
Ioannis Garbis
Giorgos Kelegkouridis
Panos Stefanidis
Eleni Konstantopoulou
Christos Ntantos
George Matsias
Stergios Arkoudas
Suliman Ousman
Vasilis Ioannidis
Hasan Abuhamdan
Mahmoud Naim
Valantis Aslanidis
Gerhard Lanzerstorfer
Mohammed Sido
Khaled Al Shemali
Mahmoud Alokla

Team of Translators
Aram Hamo
Mohamad Hassan
Hadi Arabi
Yazan Kassouaa
Ahmad Oday Mureayani
Rakan Alzahab
Ibrahim Esmail
Alaa Jawad
Khaled Al Shemali
Mahmoud Alokla

Translation Assistance
Karem King
Abdul Rahman Saad
Ahmad Yassin
Barry Jalhom
Christena Jalhom
Mohamad Al Ismail
Geath Brhan
Abed Al Rahman Gadban
Waleed Rifai
Roxanie Nassan Agah
Ibrahim Mohamad Sadik
Ioannis Garbis
Giorgos Kelegkouridis

Kind regards to our supporters for their voluntarily efforts

Special thanks to
Annette Groth, Die Linke - Deutscher Bundestag - Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany
Josef Weidenholzer, Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European parliament - vice Chair
German Diakonie
OSF - Open Society foundation
For giving us the change to complete our research for migration crises around Europe, their support to our team of refugees and the sustenance of our shelter lab - [email protected]

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