Who will remove the Chestnuts from the fire? – Documentary

Who will remove the chestnuts from the fire?

A greek proverb meaning who will undertate the responsibility of accomplishing a commitment.. The mountain of Paikon, the chestnuts on the trees , the chestnuts on the ground , the chestnuts being on the fire.

Who is taking care of them, who collects them, who earns his living with them? Who experiences the neglected Greek province and who will undertake the responsibility to “ remove the chestnuts from the fire”? Whose fault is this “faulty” living? Who is that who will weigh the chestnuts and our livew at the same time and will precisely define the exact tare? Who will evaluate the result? Who is determining our lives our fates . our destiny?

The politicians, The State, You , me , The Others? Are we the ones who are concerned with the “incandescent” chestnuts or is it a common ground for the citizens of all the countries? Is there a common vision is there a solidarity proposal for all of us “ sowers” ,” cultivators” and “collectors” of our own “chestnut forest”? Will the “chestnuts of our lives” be set on fire? Will an individual hand or a universal palm dare to overcome the fear of burning and finally “remove the chestnuts from the fire”?

That’s a pending question..

Το Ασκληπιείον παρουσίασε
‟Ποιος θα βγάλει τα κάστανα απ` τη φωτιά;”

Τσαρτσάνης Βασίλης, Βουρβαχάκης Νίκος

Τσαρτσάνης Βασίλης

Βουρβαχάκης Νίκος

Βουρβαχάκης Νίκος, Τσαρτσάνης Βασίλης

βοηθοί παραγωγής
Πασχαλίδης Λεωνίδας...Σιώμος Αντώνης
Σιώμος Γιάννης ...Μήτκος Δημήτρης
Γεωργαλίδης Γιώργος


Κουτρουμπάκη Ευδοξία

Βουρβαχάκης Νίκος

Ozan Yecusoy

Αρκούδας Στέργιος
Γιαννακούλης Θάνος

Επιμέλεια εξωφύλλου(αφίσα)

Κατσαρέας Κυριάκος

Layout Εξωφύλλου
Ιακωβίδου Τέα-Κουφός Νίκος by STUDIO KATSAREAS

βοηθός φωτογράφου
Κουφός Νίκος

Κατσέα Χρυσούλα

Γεωργαλίδης Γιώργος
Κέλογλου Θεόδωρος

φιλοξενία ιστοσελίδας

Media support
Ασλανίδης Χρυσοβαλάντης

mastering ήχου
Άρης Ονουφριάδης
Θεόφιλος Μασμανίδης
Σπύρος Μασμανίδης (Ράδιο Σύνορα)

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