Wrong Step 4 “Kalimera’’

The wild of nature and music: art never dies, even under quarantine.
our planet, music, humanity and a story

By AsklepeiOn & nivou Production
Cultural acquaintance – cultural offer
#earth #humanity #music #nature

One day production – Under permit of municipality of Paionia.
No budget production/ nonprofit production- Seven Djs, producers – One local host DJ / coordinator line up – 5 Ethnicities – Live dj set)

This new form of life in captivity during the quarantine period locked us in our homes and ourselves.
“Kalimera’’ in Greek language means good morning a word absent on the quarantine period.
“Wrong step 4” is an attempt to remember the caress of the sun at dawn in a symphony of pink and violet colors. The rustling of rivers, the serenity of lakes, the music of waterfalls, the timeless power of trees with deep roots in the rocks and head in the sky. Ancient Greeks were sending messages from city to city with lighting fires on the top of the hills.
Today we use music to send a message of unity, flying way above the walls of those old fortresses. In those vast plains and rivers raises the Eidomeni railway station.
A tiny village at the border of Greece and North Makedonia, who became in 2015 the symbol of the disgrace of humanity.
Then, rivers of unfortunate people – history name them migrants – were passing in front of our homes, passing through the wider area of Polykastro. One of them was the Dj Camille. We feature here footages from his journey in 2015 extracted from his cell phone.A modern Ulysses. His music is a remix of old Arabic music with a touch of the german scene he now belongs to. His story could be your story. Maybe we are all Ulysses at heart.
Asklepeion has been providing and producing projects for Cultural acquaintance & cultural offer the last two decades.

Asklepeion has been providing and producing projects for Cultural acquaintance & cultural offer
the last two decades.

The Wrong Production was first presented in 2010.

Step One came up on a critical moment when clubbing has been accompanied by the new technology state of mobile cameras. REMVI CLUB
Volume I
Masturbation – djs set – installations
Volume II
Wounds,- djs set – installations

Step Two came up back in 2014. @The Real Rockntrolla
We called it vibrations. We accompanied a dj set with instruments and experience with sounds.

Step Three of WRONG project took place in North Macedonia. After of 27 years of
silence the first art project between Greece and North Macedonia up on context of the small

Volume I
ETHNICK COEXISTANCE – Greek orchestra,
Music journey of Balkan rhythms and colors
Volume II
NEHIBORING VIBRATIONS – Greek & Northmacedonian Djs
Electronic dance music with traditional instruments and vocals

Point of preference – DUNJA SOCIAL CENTER/SKOPJE

Mastermind / Project Manager of AsklepeiOn - Vasilis Tsartsanis

IT development / Coordinator - George Georgalidis

Special thanks to Crew of Wrong step 4 “Kalimera’’

Film director - Vasilis Tsartsanis

Director of photography Nikos A.Vourvachakis

Nikos A.Vourvachakis - UAS-C Drone operator-Filmmaker-video editor

Nikos N.Vourvachakis - UAS-C Drone operator-Filmmaker-video editor

nivou production

Video production - Aerial videography - video editing - visual effects

Photographer – Image Advisor Dimitris Paridis

Special Advisor Adea Guillot

Production Team:

Pavlidis Panagiotis (Xarhakos) - Dimos Vakaloudis (Di.Vak) - Chrysovalantis Aslanidis
Garyfallia Karvouniari (Authorized Cultural Counselor of the Municipality of Paionia)
Kostas Michailidis - Vasilis Tsartsanis

Special Thanks to Artists:

Kled Moné - Catatonia
Location: Mount Paiko - municipality of Paionia

Tash (Movement, FriskyRadio) - Nyx (Original Mix) [Groove 9]
Location: Pigi - municipality of Paionia

Paul Anthonee (Suara, Parquet, Movement) - Cheveux Roux
Location: Blue Lagoon / waterfalls - Skra, Koupa - municipality of Paionia

Jojo Angel (Repopulate Mars, Relief, Techords) - Hiki Ke’lke (Original Mix) [Safe Music]
Location: Lake Metalliou - municipality of Paionia

Camille Hannoun - Lofti Bouchnak (Remix)
Location: Eidomeni Railway Station - municipality of Paionia

VAL (Chrysovalantis Aslanidis) - Local host DJ / Line up Coordinator

Greg Ignatovich (Diynamic, Ellum, Vagabond) - Red Queen (Original Mix)
Location: Byzantine Castle (P.Gynaikokastro) - municipality of Kilkis

Alexandros Djkevingr (Diynamic, Ellum, Suara) - Panselinos (Original Mix)
Location: Rocks Castle (Chorigi) - municipality of Kilkis

We thank also NON Aesthetics for the music equipment of the production
Anastasios Diolatzis – Tasos Anthopoulos

Special Thanks to:

Mayor Konstantinos Sionidis and the municipality of Paionia for the full support and permit

Garyfallia Karvouniari (Authorized Cultural Counselor of the Municipality of Paionia,) the best
supporter of this project

Athanasios Tzourtzos (Deputy Mayor municipality of Paionia)

Christos Karathodoros (Deputy Mayor municipality of Paionia)

Iasonidis Andreas (President of Palaio Gynaikokastro)

Zaikos Petros & Christos for the wonderful Catering, also Teo Mavridis

K.O.MA.TH. (Hunting Federation of Macedonia and Thrace)

Stelios Ioannidis (Tsilikos / Woodpecker) for the wooden booth

Timos Kappa (Graphic Artist / San God Artworks) for the logo

Georgios Daskalinas for guidance at Mount Paiko

Translators Roxani Naasan Agha Spyridopoulou - Mohamad Hassan

Christantoniou EPE (Hardware for tools and materials)

Prassas Pavlos for the straw hut

Follow Asklepeion @

Nivou production
Video production - Aerial videography - video editing - visual effects
[email protected]
IT development / Coordinator - George Georgalidis -  
Photographer – image advisor Dimitris Paridis

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