Wrong – Vibrations

Night scenes
Midnight wounds
Attempts of discursive lust
Lust or anguish? I exist. Do I co-exist?
Is there a soulmate wandering somewhere in the night?
Is music a communication path or a retaining wall of solitude?
A different perspective of the music events.

Musical Fest – Musical Inspiration

Wrong production introduces a mix of instruments in order to create new vibes.

previous events

Wrong Step I – Remvi Vibrations

Wrong Step II – The Real Rock n’ Rolla Vibrations

Asklepeion Team presents
Wrong Step I - masturbation
Wrong Step II - Vibrations

The Real Rock n' Rolla

Video Editing
Alexandros Oikonomidis
Vourvachakis Nikos

Video Director
Vasilis Tsartsanis

Music Band
Paranue Edi
Dimitris Papatolios
Orestis Ejhntaris

Hair Styling
Think Silver

Team Support
Stefano Mario Atelier
Stelios Chatzis
Valantis Aslanidis

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